The greatest opportunity for improved environmental performance and certification presents itself in the very early stages of a project.

We provide an initial project examination and assessment relative to sustainability goals. As a first step to certification, it is critical for a project team to assess whether a project can achieve certain sustainability goals. This can be assessed through an early brainstorming process with the project team where sustainability goals are discussed, assessed and established. The results of this process will form the basis of decision for or against certification.
• General advice on the use of LEED and Green Star SA
• Analysis of certification opportunities and potential risks
• Advice on possible certification outcomes
• Development of potential alternatives to LEED/Green Star certification.

We provide project support throughout the planning, design and construction phases: we form part of the professional project team, guiding, informing and verifying the project’s green building requirements.

We use LEED and other green building certification programmes, which provide a structured, integrated and holistic framework and reference tool coupled with rigorous assessment procedures to achieve sustainability goals and performance targets – even if certification is not to be pursued

We undertake the project registration with the certifying institute (USGBC, GBCSA or others as required) and manage the entire certification process. We also draft all documentation relating to the building and construction process, such as plans and policies required for certification documentation.

We run continuous workshops and meetings throughout the planning, design and construction phases, with all and/or selected project team members as required. During the early project stages in particular, these workshops offer the platform for a collaborative process for the professional team and client to establish project goals for sustainable design and resource efficiency, and help obtain a preliminary assessment of the project using the LEED rating system.

We compile and submit the required documentation to the certification institute and offer regular monitoring services for continued green building performance post-certification.