‘The best way to predict the future is to design it’ – Buckminster Fuller

ecocentric is now offering interior architecture services to commercial clients. More and more clients are looking for building interiors that are not only beautiful and functional, but also meet environmentally responsible values. Our highly experienced team guides projects from concept to completion, creating engaging healthy spaces with our core values in green building practice always shining through..

Our team seeks to understand the client’s goals from early on, and through this process refine the design and shaping it for for your projects specific needs. We believe that a healthy, contextual, and engaging space makes for happier and more fulfilled occupants.

Our experience with healthy materials and building practices are second to none and set you up perfectly for not only an environmentally responsible fit out, but a healthy work environment for the construction team and later the building occupants

Our engineering knowledge of indoor environmental quality cover all the technical bases, and ensure that aspects of ventilation, lighting, acoustics and thermal comfort are considered. Despite not typically being in our scope few other design firms have such experience and know-how in these fields

Our preapproved product list represents years of experience in finding healthy products that minimise environmental impact and make for a healthier interior space.

What are Green Materials?

Green materials consider not only the carbon life cycle, or the water use but also what practices they promote such as low-waste manufacturing processes, and even how they will affect the health of the workers who install them.

What are Rapidly Renewable Materials?

These are non-petroleum based building materials that can be grown and harvested quickly, with minimal impact on the environment. They have harvest cycles of under ten years. For example bamboo or straw.

What are VOCs?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, and are a set of additives that have damaging effects on human health. At ecocentric we don’t believe that anyone’s should be comprised by our designs. Ever.

What is FSC certified wood?

FSC stands for Forestry Stewardship Council, and they are an organisation that has developed a set of criteria for assessing how sustainable a forestry operation is. FSC certified wood contributes far less to typical forestry environmental issues.