Jutta Berns-Mumbi

Jutta, the founder and principal at ecocentric, is a LEED AP Building Design and Construction, a Green Star AP for New Buildings, Existing Buildings and Interiors in addition to being a GBCSA Faculty member and Green Star Assessor (in training), with a strong academic and professional background in environmental and development economics (University of Bonn, Germany and University of Cambridge, United Kingdom).

She started and has successfully built up ecocentric since 2007 with focus on LEED green building certification, attracting blue-chip clients and projects across the continent. In addition to her green building work she has more than 15 years experience in economic eco-systems valuation and consulting to the public and private sector on numerous industrial and infrastructure projects across the region, including large-scale EIAs and SEAs.

She has very strong strategic and analytical skills which translate into high value-add for clients and building project teams: delivering green building certification, green building research for sustainable operations and construction strategies.


Shabari Shaily

Shabari joined us as an Architect and sustainability consultant in early 2016. She graduated with a BArch (Prof) (India) in Architecture and MSc in Sustainable Built Environment from the University of Dundee, UK. Shabari has significant professional experience in sustainable master planning and architectural design, green building certification facilitation for LEED in addition to a variety of Indian green building rating systems, affordable housing developments, environmental impact assessment and management planning, building energy and thermal comfort modelling, natural resource management and renewable energy systems. Alongwith a portfolio of analytical research aimed at examining existing building regulatory systems and international environmental legislations, she has facilitated the development of climate-responsive strategies and energy conservation approach for multiple large-scale commercial, residential and industrial projects.


Roxanne Mentoor

Roxanne is a sustainability consultant with a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management from University of Stellenbosch. She initially joined ecocentric as an intern and since August 2018 as a Sustainability Consultant, with focus on green facilities and operations. Since joining ecocentric she is currently working towards becoming a Green Star Accredited Professional for Existing Building Performance.



Cebisa Mafukuzela

Cebisa is a sustainability consultant with a B.Arch Studies degree from Nelson Mandela University which she attained in 2011. She went on to work within the residential and commercial architecture where her interest in sustainability was sparked when she branched into green building certification, sustainable building design and strategy development. With several years experience in the built environment, which included running mid to large scale construction projects, playing a role in master planning with a focus on sustainable developments, building performance modelling and simulations, she joined ecocentric in 2018 to further her impact on sustainability within the built environment.